Vanessa Cubbins
First appearance Being Watched
Gender female
Residence Bedford, Texas
Occupation sales clerk at Twice-Loved Books
Family one older sister, three younger sisters, a younger half-brother[1]
Relationship Married to Davan
Comic Something Positive

Vanessa's parents divorced when she was thirteen, and she lived with her father after that.[2] She frequented a goth club that didn't card.[3]

Very easily embarrassed, she is, as R.K. Milholland has identified her, "...probably the cast's last true innocent." Vanessa's degree in philosophy and religion has gotten her a job at a bookstore in Texas, where she met Davan for the first time. She seems able to handle, and occasionally keep up with, his and PeeJee's banter and has become fast friends with PeeJee because of it. She is a lover of sweets, and has even eaten several bags of peppermint patties in one sitting before (though she had to throw up afterwards). She hates the taste of coffee.[4]

Vanessa is bisexual, a fact that Davan seems to embrace wholeheartedly. She has a preference for "curvy girls" and, before Davan, she had a rather clingy girlfriend. However, Vanessa is very happy with Davan and is currently content to just look at women. She is very, very into My Little Ponies, and she threatened violence to anyone getting in between her and the 1984 Italian release of Minty. In 2019, she also threatened violence to a woman who had broken Branwen's heart.