Unnamed Hero (formerly Good Ol' Boy)
First appearance Morning, Sunshine
Name Chad Stevens
Date of Birth unknown
Family Lady Diamondback (girlfriend)
Powers None; uses gadget belt
Comic Super Stupor

Once known as "Good Ol' Boy" (he didn't know what it meant, until Mind's Eye had words with him), this hero has since gone without a name. His former arch-nemesis was Lady Diamondback, but after a New Year's Eve party they ended up in bed together.[1] The two could not get past their attraction, with their fights devolving into awkward conversations.[2] The relationship eventually continued, with the two pretending to chase one another and eventually ending up in bed. This had tragic consequences, as one of Lady Diamondback's henches, Crimer Rhymer, blew up a preschool while the two were snogging instead of minding the plot. Punchline confronted both of them, blackmailing Lady Diamondback into helping him and knocking the Unnamed Hero out with a solid punch. Later on, Lady Diamondback found the Unnamed Hero waiting for her at her apartment, and the two agreed to start a real relationship, revealing their secret identities to each other.


Unnamed Hero has Gigafyte's mask in his lair.

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