First appearance March 5, 2002
Gender male
Residence Los Angeles, California
Comic Something Positive

T-Bob's real name is "Anthony Robert".[1] He starred as Jesus Christ in Nailed!: The Musical, which is where he was introduced to the cast and the readers (he got the role by bribing a menstruating Aubrey and PeeJee with chocolates). During this portion of the strip, he appeared frequently, and got a lot of focus.

Jokes revolved around T-Bob's tiny size and homosexuality, and he eventually shifted to a background role when the "Nailed" storyline ended, often going several months before reappearing in small roles. He occasionally indulged in tag-team dating with Kim.]

Eventually, he began being stalked by Jesus-Mickey (who was jealous that T-Bob got his "dream role" as Jesus in the musical). Eventually, T-Bob ended up in L.A., rooming with Berenger Ledbetter.[2], whom he got into "Gay For Pay" porn. His appearances in the strip are still rare, "one per year" appearances, if that.

Like many early S*P characters, T-Bob is based off of someone Randy Milholland knew from his life in Boston, and still considers a friend.