Star-Crossed Lover
First appearance Super Stupor #3
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family Unnamed ex-girlfriend
Powers None; but possessed Anansi's Quill, a stolen containment charm, and other weaponry
Comic Super Stupor

The man who would be the Star-Crossed Lover came home one night to find his intended bride-to-be had been abducted by a werewolf. He hunted the creature for years and would have slain it, except for the creature's mate - his intended wife, who was herself a werewolf and explained that they were all players in a story. Consumed with the need for revenge, the Star-Crossed Lover set off to slay all of the horror hosts. Somewhere he obtained Anansi's Quill, and managed to slay 14 horror hosts before he tracked down Scaretaker, who was protected by Rumble Bee and Hexecutioner. The Star-Crossed Lover went to Henchie's for firepower, running afoul of Eye-Sore, Killhuna, Badzooka, and Living Sponge before leaving. With Badzooka's unwilling help, he kidnapped Scaretaker and his girlfriend K.C.. When the Star-Crossed Lover told his tale, Scaretaker called him on his bullshit: despite the werewolf thing, the star-crossed love story was an entirely different genre, and Star-Crossed Lover had been killing the wrong storytellers. In his shock, Star-Crossed Lover killed Scaretaker's girlfriend and ran away, where Killhuna and Eye-Sore beat the shit out of him.[1]


Unnamed in the actual comic.

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