Rumble Bee
First appearance Retcons
Name Amelia Adelman
Date of Birth 1934
Family Joshua and Ruth Adelman (original parents, deceased), Adley Adelman (Rumble Bee I, uncle, deceased), Queen Bee (brother), unnamed second family
Powers Flight, slow aging; her wrist-bracer includes a two-way radio and an energy weapon
Comic Super Stupor

Rumble Bee was born in 1934 in Trident City, which existed in a parallel universe. Her parents, Joshua and Ruth Adelman, died when she was four, and she was raised by her uncle Adley - the original Rumble Bee. Amelia served as his sidekick and had a close relationship with both her uncle and fellow hero Eye-Score. She first went to the Heroes Appreciation Conventions as a sidekick and has a lot of good memories - she even lost her virginity at one of them.[7]

Her uncle owned a radio station and allowed Scaretaker to tell his stories on-air. When the original Rumble Bee died during the Cosmic Cataclysm, she took up his mantle. Unfortunately, during the merging of universes much of Rumble Bee's past - including Trident City and her original family - ceased to exist. Reality abhors a vacuum, however, so Rumble Bee was merged into an existing family, which includes her new brother, the hero Queen Bee. The DNA matches and everything, but she still remembers her original family and misses them.[4] This reality is overwriting her memories, so she sometimes recites facts about her original past to remind herself. Rumble Bee asked Scaretaker to record her world's history, but he turned her down, since he never had that power.[9]

Rumble Bee has a poor opinion of holiday villains, and considers weather-based villains only marginally better.[3] She gets along well with her roommate Arch-Angela and other heroes, particularly Mind's Eye and Hexecutioner. Rumble Bee wishes she had a better relationship with Eye-Sore, but he insists things can't go back to the way things were and wants them to keep their distance - except for reunion meetings at the Two Worlds Memorial, which are important exceptions.[7][9]

Rumble Bee could not always fly, and while she was slow-aging in her original universe, this power appears to have been amplified in this universe. While only appearing to be in her 20s, Rumble Bee is actually about 70 years old - it took her forty years to hit adulthood.[9] Hexecutioner calls her "Baby Bee."[4] Her costume is made at C.C.A. Tailors; their motto is "We Keep It Decent" - she can take a bazooka blast without a single rip.[9]



Rumble Bee is Jewish.[2]

Rumble Bee appeared with Finster in the Something Positive/Super Stupor Swimsuit Issue 2011.

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