Rev. Apocrypha
First appearance Super Stupor #2
Name Tobit Naphtali
Date of Birth unknown
Family Unnamed ex-wife
Powers Occult skills
Comic Super Stupor

A successful televangelist who lost his wife and his ministry when he was caught with a stripper and his studies into the dark arts came out. As a supervillain, Rev. Apochrypha feels God's been slow on the end times and is trying to speed things up. He is a lustful, vain man given to making sexist remarks and looking down on magical beings. He can draw glyphs to weaken and entrap magical beings such as Luchathulhu and Arch-Angela, and devise devices to siphon off their energies. Rev. Apochrypha participated in one such plot under Lady Armageddon, but was defeated by Arch-Angela and Luchathulhu. Luchathulhu opened a port to hell and Arch-Angela forced his head into it so he could gaze upon his master.[1]


Rev. Apochrypha's regular foe is Rouge Rogue. He claims never to have committed the sin of Onan (masturbation; see Genesis 38:4). His name comes from the Bible, specifically the Book of Tobit, a righteous man of the Naphtali tribe of Israelites.

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