First appearance New Year's Kiss
Name Dick
Date of Birth unknown
Family unknown
Powers unknown
Comic Super Stupor

Punchline became a hero after an industrial accident (which he caused) permanently attached a mask to his face, and he lost his worker's comp case. Unlike other heroes, his identity is well known. He barely uses his powers, instead using a variety of gimmicky devices to fight crime, as well as methods that other heroes find less than heroic (like getting info out of, and borrowing money from, henchmen). Punchline tackles henches in big fights to leave the big villains to the big heroes, and watches out for new heroes. He may have been trained by Hexecutioner. He's memorized the city's villains records. Punchline has a hero's lair with a variety of trophies, including a skull wearing a jester's cap floating in a tank. Often stuck patrolling when no one else wants to, because of his unpleasant sense of humor.

He may have a crush on Arch-Angela, because she thinks he's a good hero and brought him a meal on Thanksgiving when he was patrolling all alone, but Punchline is also known for hitting on female heroes, including Joy and Rumble Bee. Punchline claims to get erections at really awkward times and may have a barbed dick,[6] but it's also been claimed he doesn't have a penis at all.[1] It is unclear how he eats or drinks with his mask on. His solution to long patrols is public urination, and he claims 14 of the 16 city regulations regarding squatters have been influenced by him. His roommate is Shockodile.

On April 15, 2006 he managed to solve a crime by browsing for porn at "Girls in Pancake Batter".com. [2] He featured prominently in Super Stupor #2, where he failed to stop Crimer Rhymer from blowing up a pre-school and extorted Lady Diamondback and the Unnamed Hero.


Known gimmicks include spring-heeled shoes, helicopter cap, jet skates, and choker snakes in a can.

Punchline appeared with Boy-Toy in the Something Positive/Super Stupor Swimsuit Issue 2011.

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