Penelope-Jennifer Shou
First appearance December 19, 2001 (Enter Davan and PeeJee)
Gender female
Date of Birth October 5, 1976
Residence Bedford, Texas
Occupation employee at Tenner & Associates Research
Family father, mother, Pete Shou (brother)
Comic Something Positive

Rocks fall! Everyone dies![1]

Penelope-Jennifer "PeeJee" Shou was born October 5, 1976 in Canada, but spent much of her childhood (1982-1988)[2] in Singapore. When she was a little girl her father used to give her chocolate every Valentine's Day.[3]

Her best friends are Aubrey (frequently being her accomplice) and Davan, and she is characterized by nearly always having her hair dyed in odd colors (a fairly consistent color is purple). She met the group through several internet conversations with Davan starting in 1992 [4] (dealing with the near-death of his sister), and moved to Boston when he and Aubrey did. PeeJee and Davan first met face-to-face in 1994.[5] PeeJee dated William for four years, ending in 1999 when he dumped her for one of his students.[6]

After Aubrey, PeeJee is Davan's closest friend in the world and there are often signs of a hidden attraction between the two. She works in computer science and until recently was the manager of St. James Pub, the group's watering hole. PeeJee is similar to the rest of the cast in terms of cynicism and imagination, but is often hailed as their sanest member. Additionally, she often shows a weaker side by being the first to show pathos or pity on another, as well as being unable to break from relationships which are lost causes. Another running character trait is her unrequited crush for Jhim (who is gay), and speculated (among fans and characters) crush for Davan (returned from his own younger crush on her), not to mention her constant crushes on men who are either gay, or turn out to be gay (a long-running ex, Kyle Cheng, came out of the closet shortly after their break-up). She eventually moved to Texas to help Davan care for his father, fast developing an insult rapport with him.