Neko Neko Holy-Chan was a pixel webcomic produced by Jason Chorde and Davan MacIntire.[1] They eventually tire of it, and instead of quitting, tried to piss off readers. Unfortunately this resulted in even more readers, including Catgirls.

Jason, Davan and Pepito eventually attended a convention (possibly GenCon, given that it was in Indianapolis). Pepito wore a costume of the character he was based on, "8-bit Jesus".[2] The con went badly. They piss off their fans after a catgirl kills a panelist who criticized the comic.[3] Many are killed, including:

  • a webcomic artist[4]
  • Lou [5]
  • Pepito / 8-bit Jesus [6]
  • Wil Weaton's left arm [7]
  • Multiple unseen geeks


  • Neko Neko
  • Tanaka
  • Sam
  • 8-Bit Jesus