Monette McIntire (neé Donnelly)
First appearance December 31, 2001 (The Reluctant Lesbian pt 1)
Gender female
Residence Los Angeles
Occupation actor
Family Fred MacIntire (adoptive father), Faye MacIntire (adoptive mother, deceased), William Harold MacIntire (adoptive half-brother, deceased), Dahlia MacIntire (adoptive sister), Davan MacIntire (adoptive brother), Glinda Donnelly (biological sister), unnamed biological brother
Relationship dating Lisa Baugh

Monette MacIntire is the partner of Lisa.

When she first appeared, she was a wannabe lesbian who kept relapsing.[1] On her way to an actual date with a woman, she stopped at a zoo and wound up being "mounted and mastered" by a male koala, Mr. Chim-Chim.[2]

Monette roomed with Celie, who was her best (and possibly) only friend. Celie eventually ditched the lease because she met a guy she liked, forcing Monette to move from place to place and eventually leave Boston.[3]

She eventually converted, but when the relationship failed after she suffered a relapse, she moved in with Davan's parents. They adopted her after a time. Monette moved with Lisa to California, where she stars in a sitcom for a third rate network.

After Lisa cheated on her, Monette slept with Brian and got pregnant.[4] She lost the baby. (The comic never tells that story.)[5]

She has some older twin sisters (including Gilda),[6] a younger half-brother,[7] and some nieces and nephews. Her relationship with her birth father is quite antagonistic.[8]