Mind's Eye
First appearance Secret Powers
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family Unnamed wife (divorced)
Powers Third eye mindblast, truth fucking
Comic Super Stupor

Mind's Eye is a hero, and the partner of Finster.

M.E. can make people tell the complete truth, even if brainwashed or hypnotized, but his dick has to be inside one of their orifices for this to work. As this is rape, it has to be a near-apocalyptic situation for M.E. to even consider using this power - and it has to be an actual orifice. He first discovered it accidentally with his wife, which is implied to have led directly to their divorce.[1] Complains that people think he's gay because he's pals with Finster, but Finster believes its because M.E. has a habit of making classic "heroic" rejoinders, such as when M.E. killed the extradimensional imp R'xefglorthpor the Prankster for being annoying. [2] M.E. is considered one of the more powerful heroes, and keeps in contact with his fellow do-gooders like Rumble Bee and Gigafyte.


M.E. once raped a zombie to discover the location of a bomb - something Finster will never let him live down, and which has caused the zombie to stalk him, Love Actually style. 3

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