Mike Dowden
First appearance April 29, 2002 (PeeJee & Dragons" pt 2)
Name The Pythagorean
Gender male
Occupation former comic store clerk, volunteer superhero, employee at Kwispy Burger
Family mother, Jacob (father, deceased), Hank Dowden (brother), Shazam Wil-Wheaton Dowden-Patel (son), Branwen (cousin)
Powers Jerk
Relationship living with Tamara Patel
Comic Something Positive

Mike is Branwen's cousin. Historically, Mike has been the worst of gamer guy stereotypes: misogynistic, bitter and hateful. He was widely known and despised for it.[1] Over time and with the assistance of Davan and PeeJee, he has grown as a person into a less annoying version of himself.

Mike played in Jason's Wednesday night D&D game with Davan, Jhim, A.V., Andy, and Jens until PeeJee played in one session and he quit in a huff.[2]

Mike hasn't had good relationships with family members. According to Andy, Mike hated his mother[3] even though he lived with her.[4] His father died of cancer. He has an older brother, Detective Hank Dowden.[5] He was a Boy Scout Troop Chaplin.[6]

Mike is Catholic.[7]

He is married to Tamara and is Shazzie's father.

Mike serves the community in his superhero identity, the Pythagorean. He also works at Demaitre Comics, a comic book store.[8]