First appearance Victims
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family unknown
Powers none
Comic Super Stupor

A cohort with yellow skin and green hair, Maven learned the identity of his archenemy Flashburn and used a knife in an attempt to attack Flashburn's Girlfriend. She successfully defended herself from the attack, defeated Maven, and destroyed his left hand with the garbage disposal in her sink. In the hospital, Maven promised Flashburn not to reveal the hero's secret identity, for fear of what Flashburn's girlfriend would do to him.[1]

Maven was arrested for the assault, but acquitted. He moved into The Broken Arms, a dingy motel. Flashburn's girlfriend followed him there, holding up a severed hand, causing Maven to cringe.[2] His place later burnt down to the ground, and he was having trouble getting gigs, so he crashed with his former henchmen Eye-Sore and Killhuna.[3] Eye-Sore set him to chipping away at the ice after Killhuna got frozen by Ice Scream.[4] Maven also took Eye-Sore to the doctor when he needed it.[5]


May have licked Killhuna when the latter was frozen. Eye-Sore reportedly found Maven with his tongue stuck to Killhuna.

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