First appearance Super Stupor #2
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family unknown
Powers Wrestling, opening interdimensional portals, other undefined magical powers.
Comic Super Stupor

Luchathulu is a mystical, cosmic-powered demigod who believes lucha (Spanish for "wrestling") is a glorious form of combat passed down from gods to mortals. He likes to pop up in the center of town with an infernal wrestling ring with his minions Deep Onna and She-ggoth and call for a champion. He tried this in Plight Heights and was defeated by Rumble Bee, whose energy sting severed a face-tentacle, and Arch-Angela. Luchathulhu was imprisoned in a glyph of entrapment by Lady Armageddon and Rev. Apochrypha as part of a plan to cause hell on Earth, but was freed by Punchline. Luchathulhu then obliged Arch-Angela to take revenge on Rev. Apochrypha, by opening a portal to hell for a few seconds.[1]


Luchathulhu is of course a play on both Mexican luchadore wrestling and H.P.Lovecraft's Elder God Cthulhu.

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