Liberty Star
First appearance First Appearance: Back Story
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family Liberty Star I (grandfather), Liberty Star II (father), innumerable illegitimate children
Powers Flight, cosmic tumor-powers
Comic Super Stupor

Third in a line of celebrated American heroes, Liberty Star inherited the mantle from his father, the previous Liberty Star. During the Cosmic Cataclysm Liberty Star caught a burst of cosmic radiation, which gave him a cancerous tumor and new powers equivalent to Hexecutioner's magical abilities. In 1988 'Star used his new powers to murder a pencil-pusher that was blackmailing him, then blamed the murder on fellow hero Hexecutioner. In 1998, as he lay dying, Liberty Star admitted his guilt. Liberty Star's father fought against Hexecutioner's release in order to save face for his family.[1]


Liberty Star was blackmailed with knowledge of his many illegitimate children.

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