Lady Diamondback
First appearance Morning, Sunshine
Name Karen Morris
Date of Birth unknown
Family Unnamed Hero (boyfriend), unnamed white cat (owner), unnamed ex-husband
Powers Can spit a blinding snake venom, snake-eyes; uses snake-themed gear and vehicles.
Comic Super Stupor

The protege of Lady Armageddon, Lady Diamondback was the middle management of evil, hiring henchmen and arranging catering and prison escapes. Her husband left her on Christmas Eve 2007 for his new a henchwoman, and on the following New Year's Eve she ended up in bed with her arch-nemesis, the Unnamed Hero.[1] The two never got past the incident, and their fights always devolved into awkward conversation.[3]

In Super Stupor #2, Lady Diamondback coordinated the henchmen as part of Lady Armageddon's plan involving Arch-Angela and Luchathulhu. On her way back from buying subs for the henches she again ran into the Unnamed Hero, and the two ended up in bed. Punchline tracked them down as one of the henchmen, Crimer Rhymer, had just blown up the Mary Bell Preschool, and extorted their cooperation. Lady Diamondback poisoned Crimer Rhymer, stabbed Panda Assassin through the chest, and assisted Punchline in fouling up the plot, then ran off to the Unnamed Hero. After talking it out, they revealed their true identities to each other and began a more serious relationship.

Lady Diamondback broke Short Fuse out of prison after S.F.'s role in a successful plot was discovered.[2]


Snake-eyes are normally hidden by her mask.

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