Kim Anansie
First appearance February 25, 2002 Enter Kim
Gender female
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation Nerdrotica assistant manager
Comic Something Positive

Kim Anansie is a black woman with a fetish for drunk or unconscious men. She works at Nerdrotica. She can speak Spanish.[1]

Kim is a practicing Wiccan. When Delilah took over the local coven and forced members to participate in a recruitment drive, Kim brought Davan.[2]

In the January 28, 2003 strip, she had sex with an out-of-his-mind Davan.[3] (She had previously mentioned an interest in this with other men.[4]) Years later they had sex again, but this time he was awake.[5]

Kim and T-Bob occasionally indulged in tag-team dating.[6]

Kim went to grad school in Illinois.[7]

On September 29, 2015 Kim will be on maternity leave from Nerdrotica.[8] (This may not be canon.)