First appearance Who to Save?
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family Eye-Sore (partner)
Powers Tiki-Boom, evil scientist
Comic Super Stupor

A Polynesian-themed villain dressed in a grass skirt and coconut helmet, Killhuna used to hench for Maven and Doctor Silt; currently henching for Lord Killalot and sharing an apartment with Eye-Sore. He partners around with Eye-Sore on different hench jobs, such as when the attacked the Heroes Appreciation Convention[6] and they hang out together at Henchie's. They are good friends, to the point where Killhuna asked Eye-Sore's girlfriend Short Fuse when she'd make an honest man out of him.

Killhuna attempted to build a doomsday machine when he heard that Terry Pratchett had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's, in order to blackmail the world into curing him.[1] Killhuna was flash-frozen by Ice Scream and had to be thawed out for four months at Eyesore's apartment. Killhuna bought Eyesore some thanks beer for this.[3][4]

Killhuna turned down the Star-Crossed Lover when he came to Henchie's looking for some help, and later beat the shit out of him.


Is a little sensitive about his weight. The name "Killhuna" is a twist on the Hawaiian term "Kahuna."

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