Jhim Midgett
First appearance January 14, 2002
Name Jim Dandy
Gender male
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
Family mother, spouse
Comic Something Positive

Jhim Midgett (named for and based on a real-life friend of Randy Milholland's) was the fifth-most important character in Something Positive's early years. A core member of the BostonCast, the homosexual Jhim was ironically the "straight man" to the antics of the others. He was less snarky, more friendly, and more social than the other characters. He's an actor and a dancer.

Jhim playing in a Wednesday night D&D game run by Jason (not Jason Chorde), along with Davan, Mike, A.V., Andy, and Jens.[1]

The core of his character arc became PeeJee's crush on him, which was of course unrequited. Jhim himself would frequently date amongst Boston's gay community, but could never find true happiness there. His most-recurring boyfriend was a deeply-closeted man with a shrewish girlfriend and a kind son that Jhim actually liked- all of this led to a great deal of angsting.

Being unhappy in Boston, Jhim finally moved away about a year into the strip's run, immediately being taken out of the recurring cast. He has made very sparing appearances since then (usually about one a year), despite Randy once promising to include more of him in the strip, and Jhim moving back to Boston by the time Davan and PeeJee move away, but he's usually one of the most-asked-for characters in "OldFamiliarFaces" strips.

Jhim predeceased Aubrey and Jason.[2]

As of 2019, Jhim says he has been married for a couple of years. [3]

Jhim fights crime on the streets of Boston as the costumed hero Jim Dandy.[4]

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