First appearance January 30, 2002 (This Do in Remembrance of Me... Baby)
Gender male
Comic Something Positive

Jesus-Mickey based his life on his supposed resemblance to Jesus Christ- he was seen hitting on PeeJee early on, and was largely a throwaway character. After descending into alcoholism, Jesus-Mickey blamed T-Bob and Nailed!: The Musical,[1] since he was unable to land the lead role.

He would appear sporadically in the background between 2003 and 2005, usually stalking T-Bob. He covered the bar in Boston in late 2005, his last appearance alive. Jesus-Mickey died prior to May 22-2006 , probably killed by Twitchy Hug- Jesus-Mickey's head can be seen in a Jar over the fridge.

He is written off as dead in the Cast Page, showing that this isn't a random gag. Twitchy Hug goes on to kill more characters before being murdered himself.

-Randy Milholland would reveal more about Jesus-Mickey's origins in a Video Blog in Jan. 2010: He's based off of an ex's old boyfriend, who was a Jesus look-alike who often hit on extremely young girls surrounding him, while preaching half-assed brand of philosophy & religion to get them into bed. Randy didn't like said person, and Jesus-Mickey was meant to be a bigger antagonist in Something Positive, acting like a loathsome creep.

However, Randy decided to drop the concept quickly- the two shared many mutual friends (despite the real person's creepiness), Randy still saw this person on occasion, and he worried Jesus-Mickey would become popular with fans, and so he dropped the concept. Jesus-Mickey became more of a cheap gag instead- some character traits were later used on a one-shot character that dated Helen.