Jason Chorde
First appearance January 21, 2002
Gender male
Date of Birth March 19, 1972
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
Family father, mother, Erin (sister), Pete (brother-in-law), Aubrey Chorde (wife), PamJee (daughter)
Relationship married to Aubrey Chorde
Comic Something Positive

Jason Chorde (formerly Pratchett), born March 19, 1972. Jason and Davan met at an audition. Jason was a child prodigy who took collegiate courses as a young teen. He has a degree in calculus.[1]

Early on, his primary character traits were an inexplicable luck with women (he is overweight and as sarcastic as the rest of his group), explained away as a mathematical formula for short-term dating success; and his elaborate schemes (the biggest of all being "Nailed!: The Musical", which was created solely to get him groupie sex). Jason is also the most placid and non-violent member of the group, and was initially a more minor character, though he swiftly came to be involved in just about every storyline as an observer at the very least. By 2009, he was a hugely-important character, and one of the few motivated cast members. In the early strips, he was drawn with white "Little Orphan Annie" eyes, soon becoming simple dots.

He has a very close relationship with his mother and sister. For much of the strip's first few years, Jason was portrayed as a "lecherous, womanizing phoenix" who was willing to do anything for sex and violently feared commitment (explained as him having his heart broken by Beth years before). He dated Belinda for an extended period, and hid this fact from Aubrey and PeeJee.[2] She was his second serious girlfriend (after Beth). They broke up amidst some horrible circumstances.

He and Aubrey moved in with each other at the end of 2003, an arrangement that led to the two of them becoming a couple in 2004 and getting married in August 2006 (though even Milholland's own Cast Page stated initially that this was unlikely to pan out). He took her last name, wishing to distance himself from his father, who abandoned the family after treating them horribly for years. Jason called dibs on his father's jaw when he was six.[3] Despite his sexual exploits being a big motivator of the strip's storylines for a while, Jason settled comfortably into marriage and had been a caring, supportive spouse. The two adopted PamJee at Jason's impetus, and he turned into a caring, if somewhat irresponsible father.

He and Davan formed a horrible "Catgirl" webcomic in 2008, but it ended in tragedy when hundreds of catgirls murdered and maimed several con-goers, leaving Jason with severely traumatic memories. He attempted to care for an injured Mall Santa named Shirly Koklik, but the old man turned out to be a jerk, and they drifted apart.

The real Jason (whose name is Josh Pritchard) handles S*P's ad sales.