Herzog Hass
First appearance Super Stupor #3
Name Heinrich Hass
Date of Birth unknown
Family Unnamed clones
Powers Cyborg, Mind-Reader
Comic Super Stupor

A survivor of the parallel world that was destroyed from the Cosmic Cataclysm, Herzog Hess was first seen at a survivor's meeting at the Two Worlds Memorial. He was on familiar terms with other survivors, and helped an elderly woman named Eudora to attend. He asked after her children, and she asked after his clones.[1]


Given the timeline of the parallel universe and the German name ("Herzog" is a German title of nobility and Hass is the german word for "Hatred", so Duke Hate or something ), it is possible that Herzog Hass was originally a Nazi science-villain, possibly equivalent to Marvel's Baron Wolfgang von Strucker or Baron Heinrich Zemo.

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