Fred MacIntire
First appearance March 12, 2002
Gender male
Date of Birth February 13, 1935
Residence Bedford, Texas
Family Vester MacIntire (father), Gladys MacIntire (mother), Charles MacIntire (brother), five other siblings (including at least two sisters), Faye MacIntire (spouse, deceased), William Harold MacIntire (son, deceased), Dahlia MacIntire (daughter), Davan MacIntire (son), Monette MacIntire (daughter)
Relationship twice widowed, currently single
Comic Something Positive, Something Positive 1938

Fred's full name is William Fred MacIntire. He was born on February 13, 1935.

From the cast page:

Fred's worked hard his whole life. Now he's retired and spends his time dealing with sickness, gardening and worrying over (and causing worry for) Davan, Dahlia, and Monette. He's a mouthy senior citizen who knows he's earned the right to dole out the snark.

Fred has a pet crow named I.R.S..


Fred grew up on a small farm in rural Arkansas. His childhood was dotted with hard work in the fields and hospital trips for severe problems with hearing.[1] He spent his thirteenth birthday in hospital, where his day was ruined by Evil-Terry.[2] After Fred and some friends frightened Evil-Terry to death,[3] Fred told his mother all about it. She blamed his father. He graduated from high school in 1953.[4]

His early adult life was spent as a barber in a nearby small town.[5] Fred is twice a widower, having survived his first wife and firstborn son.[6] Eventually he moved on to see Faye for a long time. After marrying Faye, the two of them moved to Texas to start their family. There, Fred worked for thirty-two years in a local helicopter plant as a safety inspector.

Fred played bass in a band for ten years.[7]

Fred considers himself a devout Southern Baptist. When asked about the church's condemnation of homosexuality, however, he had this to say: That's the church at large beliefs, but that doesn't make 'em mine, too. I mean... I admit it's hard for me to understand, and I was raised to think it's wrong, but I was also raised to think segregation was a good idea, and I like to think I know better than that now, too.[8]

Fred despised his children's aunt,[9] but it's unknown whether she was one of his sisters[10] or Faye's.

Fred is Davan's father. They don't always get along, both being prone to bickering.

Fred was married to Faye, who passed away in her sleep in early 2006. Their anniversary was February 20, 1968.[11] They married after only dating for two months.[12]

He has a deep fondness for the original Sandman.


Fred has had a hearing defect since childhood, needing a hearing aid later in his life.

In 2005, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He revealed his condition only to Davan, but Davan informed other members of the family on the day of Faye's funeral. The symptoms began to manifest in April 2007.