Faye MacIntire
First appearance March 11, 2002
Gender female
Residence Bedford, Texas
Family mother, father, Joyce (sister), Fred MacIntire (husband), Dahlia MacIntire (daughter), Davan MacIntire (son), Monette MacIntire (daughter)
Relationship Fred MacIntire (husband)

Faye married Fred MacIntire on February 20, 1968,[1] after dating him for only two months.[2]

Faye had an aunt who told her she was a terrible daughter. Faye bought her candy one Christmas.[3] She didn't thank Faye until the latter's funeral.[4] (It is unspecified whether the aunt was a sister of Faye's Mother or Faye's Father, but her love of the candy implies she's a paternal aunt.)

Faye MacIntire died in her sleep.[5]