Eye-Sore / Eye-Score
First appearance Who to Save?
Name John
Date of Birth unknown
Family Short Fuse (girlfriend), Rumble Bee (close friend), Killhuna (partner)
Powers Multiple Eyes, some of which are hooked up to microchips; central eye can emit small laser blasts.
Comic Super Stupor

Formerly a hero known as Eye-Score, John is a survivor of the parallel universe following the Cosmic Cataclysm. Eye-Score was a friend and contemporary of the original and current Rumble Bee. He continued to be a hero in the new universe, but in the 90s, he was injured during an alien invasion and was infected with HIV via a blood transfusion. When word of his condition got out, no hero wanted to be around him anymore, and he switched to henching for the medical insurance coverage.[1][2][7][8]

Eye-Sore currently henches for Lord Killalot, often partnered with Killhuna. Together, Eye-Sore and Killhuna attacked the Heroes Appreciation Convention, where Eye-Sore ran into Rumble Bee again. Doctor Silt (a former boss who had stiffed him on payment for henching rendered) showed up and Eye-Sore and Killhuna teamed up with the heroes to defeat him. Eye-Sore is still very proud of Rumble Bee and clips every news article about her.[7]

Eye-Sore used to hench for Maven, but Maven didn't pay him. Much later, Maven showed up (with his back pay) looking for a place to crash and Eye-Sore put him up.[3] Eye-Sore thawed out Killhuna in his apartment for four months after Ice Scream tested a new freeze cannon on him, having Maven chip away at the ice and keep heaters pointed at him to help earn his keep.[4][5] Maven also took him to the doctor when they were putting him on a new medication. His long-time girlfriend is Short Fuse, whom he has refused to marry because he doesn't want to leave her a widow when he dies.[6]

Turned down the Star-Crossed Lover when he tried to get some henching, and later beat the shit out of him.[8]


Really fucking hates eye jokes.[8]

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