Eva Olsen
First appearance May 14, 2002 Trim-Trek 2002 pt 3
Gender female
Family unnamed nephew[1]
Relationship ex-girlfriend of Davan, ex-girlfriend then wife of Marcus (twice), ex-fiancée of Gray
Comic Something Positive

Eva dated Davan for exactly four months in 2002. They seemed well-suited at times -- they were introduced when Davan gave her a "Dating Resume" which she found amusing. [2] During this time she cheated on him several times.[3] She had avoided sex deliberately in this span (though did give Davan a handjob right away), and first showed a sign of darkness when she became upset that Davan masturbated (even comparing him unfavorably to her abusive ex).

The first time Kim met Eva (who was Davan's girlfriend at the time) she reacted with extreme jealousy, even though there had never been anything between her and Davan.[4] She also shows jealousy towards Davan's closeness with other platonic female friends, despite shouting Marcus' name during oral sex. Despite these trust issues, she is shown cheating on Davan with Marcus in early September.

Eva and Marcus dated again for only a couple months, and she was revealed to be dating a nicer man named Gray that December. She is shown to still be friends with Jason (who nonetheless finds her aggravating and annoying), causing friction between him and Aubrey (who strikes Eva upon finding her at their home).

In July 2005, we discover that her "husband" is actually Marcus, who showed up at the dress rehearsal of her wedding to Gray, causing her to leave her fiancée and run off to Vegas and marry Marcus instead. She is shown having marital problems with him, however, and is arrested for beating him in September of 2006. Davan finds this amusing, and later on she's seen meeting Davan and the two come to terms a bit (Gray has been seen stalking her, and Eva asks for forgiveness).

Randy Milholland stated in 2010 that Eva was a character he'd wished had stayed around longer.

Eva is Catholic.[5]