Donna Sawyer
First appearance March 19, 2003
Gender female
Residence Bedford, Texas
Family Rory Sawyer (son)
Relationship Scotty Harris's ex, slept with Davan once
Comic Something Positive

Donna Sawyer was a classmate of Davan and Aubrey's when they lived in Bedford According to Donna, she and Davan "hated each other since the third grade."[1] She was romantically connected with Scotty before his suicide, and has in fact been blamed as its cause. In Spring of 2003, Donna found herself in Boston and met up with Davan, which ended in the two of them sharing a bed.[2]

Donna was largely absent from that point until Davan moved back to Bedford. At this point, she revealed to him that she had a son, Rory, and insinuated that the night they had shared in 2003 may have been the cause of his existence. As it turned out this was not so, but Davan nonetheless often steps up to fill both fatherly duties for Rory and husbandly duties for Donna.