Branwen Maher
First appearance December 12, 2002
Gender female
Residence Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Family Marie Maher (mother), James Maher (father, deceased), four siblings, Mike Dowden (cousin)
Relationship Davan's ex-girlfriend, divorced[1]
Comic Something Positive

Met Davan at a goth club, where he propositioned her with meaningless sex. She promptly accepted, though he did not end up going home with her. They met up later, and began dating. She was the first woman to date Davan who was not maliciously crazy.

She is Mike Dowden's cousin.

She later left Davan to move to Vancouver, and has since been in contact with him and his friends. She once visited Dallas and spent time with Vanessa.

She got married[2] in Vancouver and later divorced.[3] Her next boyfriend cheated on her.[4] In 2019, she confides in Davan after a bitter breakup with a woman, whom Vanessa threatens. [5]