First appearance Weapons
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family unknown
Powers Construct, flamethrower concealed in head
Comic Super Stupor

A wooden Pinnochio-like figure, Boy-Toy is a construct of some kind, possibly a robot (he was mentioned as needing batteries in Super Stupor #3). He occasionally teams up with the likes of Punchline and Hexecutioner, and told everyone Hexecutioner was a rapist before Punchline set him straight.

Boy-Toy tried to cash in on what's left of his name at the Heroes Appreciation Conventions, but was sat next to Old Hero. Boy-Toy was one of the hereoes that fought Doctor Silt when he attacked, revealing the flame-thrower concealed in his head.[5].


He is somewhat nostalgic for the 90s, with all the crises, cross-overs, and people getting foil-embossed.[2]

Boy-Toy appeared with Punchline in the Something Positive/Super Stupor Swimsuit Issue 2011.

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