Aubrey Chorde
First appearance December 20, 2001 (Now Meet Aubrey)
Gender female
Date of Birth December 31, 1977
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation owner of Nerdrotica
Family mother
Relationship married to Jason Chorde
Comic Something Positive

Aubrey Chorde, born December 31, 1977, is Davan's closest friend since childhood. A native of Fort Worth, Texas, she later followed Davan to Boston. She is characterized by a similar sense of cynicism and sarcasm that the rest of the cast shares. She is also the most impulsive of the cast, frequently working on schemes that range from outlandish porn films to offensive public access TV shows. Davan and PeeJee had a rule: The one who plants the stupid idea into Aubrey's head is the one who must suffer and help her until it reaches fruition or until Aubrey loses interest.[1]

She moved in with Jason a few years into the strip's run,[2] and they progressed to lovers, getting married in August 2006. This relationship, as well as the success of Aubrey's business venture Nerdrotica (a phone sex line specifically catering to computer and gaming geeks) have stemmed her impulsive nature considerably, though she still remains the most violent and quick-to-act member of the group. She and Davan are closer than any two other characters in the strip: they continue to call each other by childhood nicknames, "Woogie" (Davan) and "Monkeybutter" (Aubrey). Another character trait is her constantly-present red choker, a symbol of her Malaysian roots.

Aubrey is a fan of classic Doctor Who.[3]

With her permission, Milholland has "outed" American anime voice actress Clarine Harp as the "real-life" Aubrey.


  • More snow. Nature's Bukkake.[4]