First appearance Retcons
Name unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Family unknown
Powers Flight, Strength
Comic Super Stupor

Arch-Angela is Rumble Bee's roommate. She appears as a winged, angelic being and appears to be an actual representative of God, although this doesn't stop her from enjoying simple human pleasures like sex. Arch-Angela was dating Kronos, the Last Cave Warrior, but they broke up when he ran across his ex again.[2] The Unnamed Hero turned to her for advice when he fell in love with Lady Diamondback.[3] Arch-Angela is somewhat naive and uncynical when it comes to matters of human nature, and thinks that Punchline is a good hero, even when no-one else (including Punchline) does and brought him a meal on Thanksgiving when he was patrolling all alone.[4] [6]

Arch-Angela attended her first ever Heroes Appreciation Convention in Super Stupor #1.[5] In Super Stupor #2, she defeated Luchathulhu and his minions in the ring, declaring herself the "new Interfaith Champion", but the villains escaped while she was gloating. She was later captured by Panda Assassin and Reverend Apocrypha, who wanted to drain her powers to summon an army of angels. Punchline freed Arch-Angela, and with the aid of Luchathulhu showed Rev. Apochrypha the face of his master in hell.[6]


Arch-Angela speaks in Shakespearean English.

Arch-Angela in the Something Positive/Super Stupor Swimsuit Issue 2011.

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